July 28, 2010

The Goodnight Loving - Supper Club (2010)

On their recently released album, Supper Club, The Goodnight Loving continue to shed the twang in favor of fuzzy garage pop. While I loved the country punk of their early albums, I dig the retro party vibe. "The Pan" (mp3) sounds like a roughed up and snotty Beach Boys stomper with a sweet riff in the middle, while "Earworm" fulfills on its promise, loading the song with a catchy chorus, surf guitar and some shrieks of joy. At fifteen songs, there is plenty to enjoy, whether it is how "Summer Dreams" recalls British Invasion or "Bike + Stick" retains some of their country roots. I missed their set at last year's garage festival, but since their album just came out on Portland's Dirtnap Records, I bet that they'll be back soon.

You can stream the album over at Punknews.org.


awmercy said...

You should also check out "Doesn't Shake Me" (mp3).