July 13, 2010

Pure Country Gold - Tough Tuesday (2010)

On Tough Tuesday, Pure Country Gold slam down another solid slab of blues punk, dragging tired and traditional blues structures out to the garage to feed them amphetamines and drown them in cheap beer. It's music meant for cramped and sweaty venues (or at least that's where I like to see it). Patrick Foss sings somewhere between a growl, a bark, and a croon, all while powering out blistering riffs. I especially like it when he makes it cluck like a chicken. Drummer Jake Welliver rarely lets the pace slow below a charge.

Standouts included the fantastic "I'm The End" with its whistled bridge breaking up the barrage of rough hooks. "Wasted Day" pounds out the bands motto while "I'm Gonna Drown With You" testifies their devotion. I also dig the stellar "Moaning In The Moonlight" and "Bitch", two of three of the tracks also included on last year's much loved singles compilation, Positive Vibrations.


awmercy said...

The album is only out digitally at the moment, but the band swears an LP will be released shortly.

Anonymous said...

love the cover. They are playing SMMR BMMR too