March 15, 2010

Pure Country Gold - Positive Vibrations (Pos-Vibes) (2009)

I've probably listened to Pure Country Gold more than any other Portland band this year. I just can't get enough of the duo's blistering garage blues. Far from purists, they seamlessly incorporate country, roots, punk into songs that remind me more of the propulsive and fuzzy Reigning Sound, than other blues duos, such as the Black Keys or locals Hillstomp.

Although I only just picked up Positive Vibrations recently, I've been loving their self-titled debut for the last few months. I wish I'd discovered them two years ago when it was released. Positive Vibrations is a compilation of the singles they've released since then and some of them are pretty awesome, especially when they charge through romantic boasts on"Setting Sun" (mp3) and make drinking plans for the apocalypse on "Yellow Bubbles" (mp3).

I can't wait until they release their next album, Tough Tuesday, later this spring.


sandenuts said...

I am really liking this band, thanks for the tip Mercy

awmercy said...

If you like those two, you should check out the rest of the songs on their website, including the single "Lady Low" (mp3) and "King Of Cortasone" (mp3) off their first album.