July 14, 2010

Awmercy's Summer Short List

  1. Summers in Portland feel like a celebration, whether I am running past the blues festival along the riverfront, cranking up summer jams on the stereo, or riding my bike home with a buzz from the show. With PDX Pop Now! and SMMR BMMR coming up, it’s only getting better.

  2. Slabtown’s Bender – 3 nights of loud sloppy rock n’ roll fueled by massive amounts of cheap High Life.

  3. The Black Keys - Brothers rekindled my waning interest and sent me back to revisit their early albums that I apparently still love.

  1. Free Energy @ Mississippi Studios – There’s nothing better than seeing the band you're digging the hardest when they got something to prove. I doubt I’ll ever see them at venue that small again.

  2. R.L. Burnside – When I was in a serious musical funk earlier this spring his Fat Possum albums, Mr. Wizard in particular, helped me creep out.


Nightrain said...

Brothers is so damn good.

Mona said...

I'm gonna go ahead and assume Wolf Parade's set at Crystal Ballroom is included in your #5 there, son. Glad you didn't crash your bike into Powell's post-show :)