March 1, 2010

King Khan & The Shrines- "What Is?!" (2009)

Um, this band is fucking rad; however, reviewing their album is going to take all my Quickcriting abilities. Example, on their Myspace page while I was trying to find basic info about their band, it has mostly ridiculous nonsense. Like their style is listed as "Hardcore, Psychedelic, R&B." What the hell does that even mean? Well, I'll tell ya what it means. This band cannot be contained, defined, or confined to one simple genre or label (see track "Land of the Freak"). In fact, they have such a lemme' see your serious face and what you're workin' with, dance your clothes off type of groove, some of their band members don't even play instruments. People in the band are there just for their legendary party attributes. Like Till Tim who is apparently listed as in charge of the TnT, or Fredovitch, who is the master of orgasms. Their website is also not clear if they are from Canada, which would account for King Khan's indie rock style vocals and heavy electric guitar riffs like on "No Regrets" or "(How Can I Keep You) Outta Harm's Way". Or if they are from South Georgia , which would explain the inevitable back bone slippage upon even a 10 second listen to "Torture" (not on the album). So, in conclusion I would say the lack of info regarding who they are, and where they come from, suits their musical sound and overall ability to turn a party out. I have a feeling their live shows will be epic, so I will check out the show at Bimbo's in S.F. on April 15th and keep y'all posted. They are also playing at the Wonderland Ballroom in Portland on April 11th if the Portland crowd wants to get hip to the scene. Laters.


awmercy said...

I love this album. Be sure to check out the King Khan & BBQ Show too.

sandenuts said...

Yeah, I saw that too. These guys kick way too much tail

Unknown said...

So much tail. this video is excellent and a must see: