October 27, 2009

The Shaky Hands - Let It Die (2009)

The Shaky Hands' Let It Die is full of meaty rockers, continuing the Portland band's progression from indie folk towards classic rock started on Lunglight. While Nicholas Delffs' strained nasal voice gives the songs urgency, the guitars propel them forward with a mix of comfortable strums and powerful riffs. This music is meant to be played and heard live, although the songs sound pretty good on the album too. I like how on "Slip Away" the beat stutters while the vocals swagger until finally the guitar is let loose. "Allison And The Ancient Eyes" (mp3) rolls along, riding cymbals and hand claps, while Delffs spills regrets. The chugging buzz on the title track should satisfy Kings of Leon fans. "Love Curse" starts slow, but builds up into a pounding finale. Overall, it's a solid album of barroom rock n' roll.


awmercy said...

This expands slightly on a concert review I wrote for PopWreckoning.