October 20, 2009

Garage Fest Recap

I couldn't make it the distance, dropping out at 11, after 8 hours of music, but I had already seen plenty of great bands. The highlights for me were the Dirtbombs, Davila 666, and Lover! My biggest disappointment was the consistently low attendance for bands playing at Satyricon for all but Davila 666. It was the farthest out and you couldn't drink. Oh well. In one of the other venues, Lover! could have brought the house down.

The Dirtbombs
@ Berbati's Pan
Mick Collins is a fucking badass. A great start to the day.

Jack Of Heart
@ Dante's
Ugh. Only band I didn't like.

The Almighty Defenders
@ Dante's
Fun show, but it's obvious the band is just a lark.

Brimstone Howl @ Someday Lounge
I think they sound better on their album. They just aren't that dynamic performers.

Davila 666 @ Satyricon
The floor was packed and Davila 666 delivered plenty of rowdy punk-infused group sing-alongs. A must see if you can.

Cheap Time
@ Someday Lounge
Glad to finally see their manic and nasal garage rock.

Mannequin Men @ Satyricon
Under attended. Solid set.

Lover! @ Satyricon
Criminally under-attended. Guitars up to 11. So good.

The Fresh & Onlys @ Someday Lounge
Too much shuffling and talking, but catchy when they actually played.

The Mojomatics @ Dante's
High energy blues rock duo. Great showman. Hard to believe it was just two guys.

Jack-O & The Tearjerkers
@ Dante's
Solid. Professional. Good stuff.

Simply Saucer
@ Someday Lounge
Low expectations. But really good.


Nightrain said...

Bah DANG. That is some serious show attending.