July 8, 2009

Portugal. The Man - The Satanic Satanist (2009)

After wallowing in a music rut, it feels good love an album again. In this case, it's The Satanic Satanist by Portland transplant Portugal. The Man. While last year's Censored Colors had its moments, nothing was as good as the killer lead single and future rock anthem "People Say", which meditates on war and loss over a couple sweet guitar lines and a great sing along chorus. It kicks off a solid set of songs that merge classic rock and psychedelic soul. However, like other standout modern revivalists The Features and The Jessica Fletchers, it isn't just about a retro sound or mood — the songs are loaded with pop hooks. Although I dig pretty much every song, my other two favorites are "Work All Day", which rides a great rhythmic and repetitive chorus, and "Do You", featuring imploring lyrics and huge fuzzed-out riffs.


Nightrain said...

Yes! This absolutely makes my "Best New Music" list. Extremely catchy shit. It reminds me very much of MGMT, but with a little less electronics and a little more classic rock influence.

I like all the tracks, and I especially like that the music is so diverse... "People Say" is my current favorite.

awmercy said...

This album still rules.