July 3, 2009

Awmercy's Summer Short List

Amazing Baby - Rewild (2009). I love catchy psych and this is by far my favorite this year, perfectly balancing the thumps and haze.

Passion Pit & Harlem Shakes @ Wonder Ballroom. I've been to a lot of great concerts this year, but this was a home run line up. I walked in hot on the Harlem Shakes, but was won over by Passion Pit as they wound the crowd up into a sweaty dancing frenzy.

Biking to Shows. Even when I am starting to fade a bit as the evening wears on and the bourbons wear off, zipping down Burnside gets me ready for just about just any show, and pretty much all my favorite venues are just a few pedals away.

Metric - "Waves". No matter how many times I've listened to "Waves", it never fails to make feel like dancing.

Portland Bands. I've never lived in city before that is home to this many great bands: The Builders And The Butchers, Blind Pilot, M. Ward, Loch Lomond, Blitzen Trapper, Hockey, Scotland Barr & The Slow Drags, and The Thermals, to name just a few highlights. And the best part is that there are so many more I haven't even heard yet!


ve1cro said...

Metric almost made my list too. I'm glad that it's on yours.

Amazing Baby sounds interesting...

Mona said...

I totally missed Amazing Baby when they opened up for Phoenix... we got there in-between sets :( Glad it made your list!

Also glad Harlem Shakes made your list too.

About biking to shows. Where do you keep your helmet when you park your bike outside the venue? Don't tell me you gotta hold it while you're watching the show, hahahah. I'm picturing your holding your helmet in one hand, beer in the other. OR worse yet. Beer in hand, helmet on, watching show.

awmercy said...

I'm still waiting for Amazing Baby and Pheonix to make it out to Portland.

I lock the helmet up with the bike, although I bet I would be popular if I wore it during the concert.

Mona said...

Not sure about popularity, but it would definitely ensure safety during a potential mosh pit situation.. do they even have those in Portland? lol

A lock for your helmet, too. Ahh, who woulda thunk it. Genius!