May 9, 2009

Metric - Fantasies (2009)

Oddly, what sold me on Fantasies was a song not even released on the album. "Waves", a bonus track, is pure poptastic awesomeness. When the giant falsetto hook of a chorus kicks in I can't help but making up new and obviously stylish dance moves on the spot. After that, the album just clicked. Similar to indie dance queen Annie, this album embraces new wave synthesizers and fun dance pop. While the guitars from her last few albums still provide propulsive riffs, they are significantly toned down and less crunchy. Although generally a fan of crunchy guitars, I find Fantasies' best songs irresistible. "Sick Muse" has another great chorus while "Satellite Mind" is spacy and cool. "Gimme Sympathy" poses the question "Who'd you rather be, the Beatles or the Rolling Stones?" over a easygoing beat and seems like an ode to lying around and listening to music with friends. Good times.


Nightrain said...

The first time I saw this I read: "obnoxiously stylish dance moves" and thought, "That sounds about right."

Answer: Rolling Stones. (Do I see a QuickCrit poll in the near future?)

awmercy said...

Ha ha. So true.

Done. Go ahead and cast your vote dude.

Mona said...

Rolling Stones, hand down, I don't even have to think about it.

Way freaky you asked that question. I actually had that convo in my head last week when driving. I could care less about The Beatles when The Stones are in the picture : )

Sidenote: I really dug "Help I'm Alive," so I'll have to give the rest a chance. It totally didn't sound like her though, in a good way!

Mona said...

hands down* rather

sandenuts said...

Stones for sure, no question

awmercy said...

Based on the QuickCrit poll, which obviously is highly scientific, it appears most people would rather be a Rolling Stone.