June 9, 2009

Metric @ Wonder Ballroom

After good, but rather subdued acoustic set at Mississippi Studios in the afternoon, I wasn't sure what to expect. Emily Haines looked a bit ragged with giant glasses hiding her face (and what I assumed to be a hangover). However, she was a completely different person that night — a ball of energy consuming the stage and spotlight as she danced, posed, and bounced to just about every song. Haines performed for the sold-out Wonder Ballroom as though singing to a giant festival crowd, and the audience loved every minute. Anyone who was worried that Fantasies was too pop will be glad to know that the guitars never left the live show. Jimmy Shaw had a sweet solo on "Gold Guns Girls". Even without playing "Waves" — which I kind of knew they wouldn't — it was impossible to be disappointed when they played every other song I loved off the album, including a couple older cuts. I don't know how anyone stands still when they hear "Sick Muse" or "Satellite Mind", especially when Haines provides plenty of dance moves to borrow. It was a great performance, not to be missed.


Mona said...

Did they play "Combat Baby" ?? I love that song, it's the first Metric one I ever heard and arguably my favorite!