May 3, 2009

Lady Sovereign – Jigsaw (2009)

What’s happenin’ Quickcrit gang? It’s been a slow 09’ for me so far musically, but luckily you guys and gals have been hookin it up with awesome articles, and I have been content listening to your featured artists. But recently I heard an awesome song and had to pick up the album. The artist is the 5 ft 1 inch teenage female rapper from North London Lady Sovereign. I first heard of her when Jay Z signed her to Def Jam, but I never listened to the single “Love Me or Hate Me”. Her latest album is “Jigsaw”, and it’s pretty good. I’m in love with the song “I Got You Dancing”. She has the total Santogold vibe where she’s rappin, but the songs take on a more alternative rock feel, especially in the track “Jigsaw”, which I also really like. However, I feel her youth definitely shows in that the work is not super polished, and some of the songs end up sounding the same. Like they were made strictly as marketing tools, hits for the radio rotation, see “So Human” and “Let’s Be Mates”. But the girl does have talent and I’m definitely interested as to see what comes next from the dirty mouthed self described “pixie with passion.”


Nightrain said...

Have the seen the "Warriors" themed music video?

Kinda makes me want to start getting my Halloweek costume together.

sandenuts said...

yeah that was fuckin funny