May 23, 2009

Black Joe Lewis @ Hawthorne Theater

How rad is it to see a band live just shortly after falling in love with their new album and having known upon hearing the album that as good as it was, it likely pales compared to the live show, and then finally to have that proven true? Well, I'll tell you. It's fucking awesome. Opening for Lucero, Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears pounded the audience with their soul assault that mixed soul, blues and funk with a healthy dose of garage rock and punk. Almost every song was an excuse to let loose with blaring horns, passionate vocals and wild keyboard. Everyone in the band seemed to be having fun, especially the keyboardist and Joe Lewis, who bounded around the stage, awkwardly jumping off an amp and later almost knocking his face in the mike stand. I can't to see them again when they headline and can play a slightly longer set. So good.


sandenuts said...

Agreed, this band rules

Mona said...

...and the Honeybears? That band name is cute city.