May 26, 2009

Son Volt - American Central Dust (2009)

My friend Jeremy and I both love Son Volt, however, aside from the obvious hits, we almost always disagree on our favorite songs. He prefers the slow and moody ruminations while I prefer the less-depressed rockers. After loving The Search and its upbeat horns, the quieter American Central Dust feels like a bit of a letdown. Overall, it's a still solid album, and for all I know, Jeremy might love it. It certainly is his prettiest album. Aside from the grind on "When The Wheels Don't Move", Jay Farrar mostly ditches the distortion in favor of layering guitar and organ to create a rich and full sound that highlights his voice and lyrics. As much as I like "Jukebox Of Steel", "Dynamite" and "Down To The Wire", I still miss the amps.


Jeremy said...

Ha ha, you're so right... I cannot wait to get my hands on this disc! Farrar's got his work cut out for him keeping us both happy, but it's testament to how good he and the band are that they can do both styles so well.