March 20, 2009

New York Rifles - Make A Wish (2009)

Packed with song after song of top notch rootsy garage rock, classic punk, and power pop, it's hard to imagine New York Rifles' new album, Make A Wish, won't be near the top of my favorite Portland albums this year. It's just too damn catchy and fun. The album kicks off with the rhythmic call and response of "Rails", which reminds me a bit of the Bogg's "Arm In Arm", a favorite of mine from 2007. Then they switch gears, launching into the fuzzed-out "Make A Wish" and the bashing cymbals and fist pumping lyrics of "Rubber Side Down". After that, it never slows down, filling out the songs with plenty of yelps, clapping, and simple guitar riffs. The lyrics are full of sex and anger, and lead singer Scott Young's delivery is spirited and snotty. At times it recalls the Clash, Buzzcocks, or even Portland's own tragic Exploding Hearts.