February 9, 2009

The Wanteds @ Tiger Bar

Portland's, the Wanteds don't play the kind of music I usually listen to, so I don't have a lot of solid comparisons for you. Most simply, they play hard rock. It's melodic and personal of the kind you might hear on a cooler rock radio stations. If the indie rock aesthetic ever feels tired and you just need your whiskey and rock straight up, you could do a lot worse than slamming a shot and going to see the Wanteds.

Unfortunately, the foggy Saturday night I stopped by the Tiger Bar to catch their set, the place was pretty much empty except for the members of the three bands playing and their entourages. After the opener noodled through a set that sounded like the Warlocks first album, except with half the personnel and power, the Wanteds took the stage, plugged in and let it rip. They put on a good show. For three guys, they had a nice full, tight sound. The singer has charisma and the songs sounded more visceral than on their album. It's a shame no one else was around to see it.