December 17, 2008

Favorite Non-2008 Albums

Because sometimes it takes a while to catch on.

These are the albums we loved this year that were released sometime before that. The top 5 were chosen at least a couple times. I guess that means they are must-have's. The rest, like with the other lists, are ranked according to their position on an individual's list and then alphabetically.

  1. Jens Lekman - Night Falls Over Kortedala
    “I used to think there was only song by Jens I would ever like (Black Cab, if you're interested) but I fell in love with this album at the end of summer.” -Tex
    “My friend Lacy met Jens Lekman. She took a picture with him and put her hand on his butt. She is so cool!” -Thecranewife
    “So I finally fell under the trance of this young man and immediately felt stupid for not already being there.” -ancientindianwizard

  2. MGMT - Oracular Spectacular
    “It's atmospheric and psychedelic, yet glammy and danceable. What a sweet combo.” -awmercy
    "Flashy, stylistic beats and synth, good for the dance floor & upbeat runs. Awesome album!" -Nightrain

  3. Herman Dune - Giant
    “Oh man, I love this duo. They'd be like, you wanna have my babies? And I'd be like, yeah. And we'd go woo woo woo.” -Brasilliant
    “For fans of Jens Leckman. ‘I Wish That I Could See You Soon’ and ‘1 2 3 Apple Tree’ simply rule.” -awmercy

  4. Tegan And Sara - The Con
    “Stop laughing Jesse. I'm a fan of their vocals and angst.” -ve1cro
    “Reminds me of my sister in law, getting tattooed and Brian (for some odd reason).” -ancientindianwizard

  5. Yeasayer - All Hour Cymbals
    “Following in the footsteps of TV on the Radio, this post-freak folk band put out a transcendental and extremely listenable first album.” -Tex
    “A fun and weird album. High on my list of bands I need to see live.” -awmercy

  6. Beirut - The Flying Club Cup
    "Anything by Beirut." -Alan

  7. Doug Burr - On Promenade
    “This is probably one of my top 10 albums this year, but alas, it was released in 2007. He's another singer-songwriter who stole my heart.” -Brasilliant

  8. Kanye West - Graduation
    “Pure Brilliance. I can't say enough good things about ‘Good Life.’” -ancientindianwizard

  9. Lily Allen - Alright, Still

  10. Nancy Wilson - Save Your Love For Me
    “One of the best voices of all time, doesn't get enough props.” -sandenuts

  11. New Order - Singles (Discs 1 and 2)

  12. Rufus Wainwright - Want One

  13. Ryan Adams - Rock N' Roll
    "He's such a whiny little bitch, but his music hits the mark every time." -Mona

  14. Stars - Set Yourself On Fire
    “This album got me back into painting. Check it out.” -ve1cro

  15. Various Artists - The Broken Flowers Soundtrack
    “Mulatu Astake's weird Ethiopian jazz bits make this...” -Rain

  16. The Constantines - Shine A Light
    “My favorite Contantines album by far.” -Jennifer

  17. The New Pornographers - Challengers
    “Slipped by me last year, but highlighted a wonderful early '08.” -Tex

  18. Acid House Kings - Sing Along With the Acid House Kings
    “Brasilliant is responsible for me loving this band.” -ve1cro

  19. Bonnie "Prince" Billy - I See A Darkness
    “Still as dark and uplifting as ever.” -Rain

  20. Chromeo - Fancy Footwork
    “Resurrecting of the keyboard and 80s funkyness, thank you Chromeo, thank you, thank you, thank you.” -sandenuts

  21. David Bowie - Live in Santa Monica '72

  22. Joe Bataan - Call My Name
    “Don't hurt em' Joe.” -sandenuts

  23. Joe Gibbs & the Professionals - More Scorchers from the Mighty Two

  24. Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures
    “It's like I'm trying to make up for two decades of not listening to it.” -Thecranewife

  25. Nick Drake - Pink Moon
    “Oh man, I love him. I just got back into him and have been asking myself why I ever stopped listening? Sorry Nick!” -Mona

  26. Nicole Atkins - Neptune City
    “Also another one of my top 10 favorites this year. Atkin's voice is powerful and her retro crooning makes me belt out tunes like Rufus Wainwright singing Judy Garland.” -Brasilliant

  27. Pela - Anytown Graffiti
    “Tons of energy, tons of action... on the album and especially at their live shows. Absolute must have/see.” -Nightrain

  28. Rihanna - Good Girl Gone Bad

  29. The Boggs - Forts
    “Bring on the drums.” -awmercy

  30. The Velvet Underground - Loaded
    “Why did it take me so long to give 'em a listen?” -Jennifer

  31. Colin Meloy- Colin Meloy Sings Morrissey!
    “I think this is what started off my mania for cover songs this year.” -Thecranewife

  32. Cowboy Junkies - The Trinity Session
    “Aside from ‘Sweet Jane’ and Margo Timmins' voice giving me chills each and every time, but ‘Blue Moon Revisited (Song For Elvis)’ is sonic perfection. Why aren't/weren't they more popular!? Jeez.” -Mona

  33. Deerhoof - Milkman
    “I have a hard time immersing myself in their catalog, but this album gets me going when nothing else will.” -Tex

  34. Elliott Smith - Figure 8
    “I was a Elliott Smith late bloomer so this is still in heavy rotation.” -Rain

  35. Pavement - Brighten the Corners
    “Classic, this one sticks with me the most though.” -Jennifer

  36. Sigur Rós - Hvarf / Heim

  37. The Builders And The Butchers - The Builders And The Butchers
    “The live show is a guaranteed good time... if you like wash board and banging on pots and pans, but their album is also quite special in a unique, high-pitched vocals sort of way.” -Nightrain

  38. Thievery Corporation - Cosmic Game
    “Revisited this album while working on atmosphere music for a nightclub, very solid music for chillin wit a lil bit a illin.” -sandenuts

  39. Van Morrison - Into The Music
    “I experienced some loss this year. This album is perfect mourning/morning music.. Makes my day brighter everytime.” -ancientindianwizard

  40. The White Stripes - Icky Thump

  41. (Smog) - The Doctor Came At Dawn
    “Oh Bill Callahan, what made you so sad?”-Rain

  42. Big Star - #1 Record
    “Love is a mixtape, baby.” -ve1cro

  43. Candie Payne - I Wish I Could Have Loved You More
    “Of the blue-eyed soul singers, she's my favorite.” -awmercy

  44. Cherry Ghost - Thirst For Romance
    “I regret every day of 2007 that I did not listen to Cherry Ghost. Get this fantastic album now!” -Nightrain

  45. Modest Mouse - Building Nothing Out Of Something
    “Never fully got the chance to properly go through their entire discography, but glad I finally did start with this compilation of A and B-sides. Orgasmically amazing sounds.” -Mona

  46. Old Canes- Early Morning Hymns
    “As the prompt says, because sometimes it takes a while to catch on.” -Thecranewife

  47. Rilo Keily - Under the Black Light
    “This was a second chance kind of listen for me while I was on vacation in New Hampshire and Vermont last winter. I'm glad I had all those miles of snowy road and solitude to get to know this.” -Tex

  48. Soko -Not Sokute
    “Clever lyrics, adorable french accent, and totally insane. Love her!” -Brasilliant

  49. The New Original Sonic Sound - The New Original Sonic Sound
    “New twist on the epic band The Sonics.” -sandenuts

  50. The Replacements - Don't Tell A Soul
    “First time I have ever devoted attention, long over due!” -Jennifer

  51. Coheed and Cambria - Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Vol 1 & Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Vol. 2
    “The subtitles are ‘From Fear Through The Eyes Of Madness’ and ‘No World For Tomorrow.’ For some reason these insane, overblown and Hot Topic-esque songs get me after a night of drinking... Am I recommending them to anyone? Nope. Do I listen to them with frequency? Yep. Go figure.” -ancientindianwizard

  52. Dolly Parton - The Ultimate Collection
    “Seriously, rocks my world.” -Brasilliant

  53. Gregory and The Hawk (2003 - current)
    “All her EP and LP work. She rocks, and I'll be listening to this her well into '09.” -Mona

  54. Joe Purdy - Take My Blanket And Go
    “Take My Blanket has passionate and sincere song-writing & vocals, and a fully developed sound that elevates it above his previous (also stellar) releases. This is an album that I have listened to over and over, but have not grown sick of.” -Nightrain

  55. LCD Soundsystem - Sound of Silver
    “This was one I just didn't get around to until it popped up on everyone's best of '07. That's why I love this time of year and the roundups... I always find 15 things I missed.” -Tex

  56. Le Tigre - Le Tigre
    “Awesome pop/punk album, these chicks (and guy) know how to rock the party.” -sandenuts

  57. Mark Kozelek - What's Next to the Moon
    “Once I was listening to this album and Ancientindianwizard said, ‘You know this is all AC/DC covers, right?’ The silence that followed was the sound of my mind being blown.” -Thecranewife

  58. Sixteen Horsepower - Folklore
    “My favorite artist of the decade.” -Rain

  59. The Replacements - Let It Be

  60. Wilco - A Ghost Is Born

Next up: Our favorite singles of 2008.


awmercy said...

A huge THANK YOU to Nightrain for adding all the album art to these lists. Not an easy task.

Mona said...

The pics look awesome!!! I'm so happy to see alot of Replacements love on here.

Nightrain said...

Not a problem at all.