June 2, 2008

Nicole Atkins - Neptune City (2007)

When I first listened to Nicole Atkins’ Neptune City I was hooked, but it took me a while to accurately describe my love for the album.

In the voice department, Atkins does not let down. This lady can really belt out a tune (but not in an annoying, pop starlett, warbling kind of way). Her style harks back to the music of my parents' and grandparents era – 50s and 60s crooners with a touch of vaudeville at times. I can’t pinpoint her sound to one particular influence, but if you could imagine Cass Elliot covering The Ronettes covering Judy Garland, you’d have it just about right.

Neptune City, released just a few months ago, is wonderfully diverse album. The downside? Is how long I will have to wait until she comes out with another!

Favorites: Neptune City, Brooklyn's on Fire, Maybe Tonight


ve1cro said...

I'm a big fan of the artist and this review. There is also a slight Stevie Nicks flavor in the album too. "Brooklyn's on fire" really gets me going in the AM.

Brasilliant said...

Yeah, I never really thought about Stevie Nicks, but her influence is totally there too.