June 2, 2008

Mylo Jenkins @ The Poet and Patriot

Wow I went out on a Sunday night! That's big for me. Last time Mylo Jenkins played I promised I'd go and we did but then we got to the house where the show was at the combo of the drunk teenagers and vibing kooks turned me from stoked-to-see-my-friends-play into I-want-to-get-the-fuck-out-of-here pretty much instantly.. to be fair I was in an old man bad mood that night.. However, I've been to many a house show in my life and I've just come to terms with the fact that I will never be that into them.

I spent Johana Lefever's set trying to figure out where I know her from. Then mutual friend Jenny helped me realize that I know her from the climbing gym. She sounded great and her drummer played shoeless which was rad to me.

Pete is from the Devil Makes Three and is great. Last time he played at the Poet it was awesome as was this go round. He's got this song that has one of the best refrains of all time
a lot of people don't like me
not my music / but personally

Mylo Jenkins.. what to say about these guys. Five of my favorite people in the world and I like their music too. It's weird when friends want you to come see them play because sometimes its not that rad which makes it super awkward.. luckily that isn't a problem here. This is the second time I've seen them with that addition of JJ in the band and his multi-instrumented-ness is hecka impressive. Go see them.. well since Tim doesn't want to tour you'd better come to Santa Cruz to see them..

Good times with good friends and good music... I got so caught up in the excitement that I started text messaging people across the table.. who's the drunk-kook now?


ve1cro said...

Great review, it almost felt like I was there. I just got really confused by the word "hecka"!? Is that Esperanto?

awmercy said...

Weirdo. An amazingly awesome review that somehow tells us nothing about the music. I love it.