March 6, 2008

Soko - Not Sokute (2007)

If someone were to ask me - in five songs or less - to capture the essence of my most irrational moments in life, I'd whip out Soko - Not Sokute and bonk them on the head. From the very first note, I was struck by her adorable french accent and the playful innocence of her voice (the way she pronounces "boots" practically melts my heart). But innocent, ladies and gents, she is not! While most of her songs are about boys gone bad, the range of emotions in her tunes cover all the bases. Nothing to wear before a party? Try "Shitty Today." Hating life before your morning coffee? "I'll Kill Her" is your ticket.

In sum, Soko is one sweet, crazy bitch. I can't get enough.


Nightrain said...

If you like Soko, you may like White Hinterland.