April 28, 2008

Joe Purdy - Take My Blanket and Go (2007)

Holy shit this album is good. I kid you not, there were a few moments when waves of goosebumps passed over me... or maybe that was just an open window. Either way, I felt moments of exhilaration while enjoying Take My Blanket and Go. I obviously have no scruples making artist comparisons, so I'll throw a couple out there for Purdy— Ryan Adams and Bob Dylan. Now, Purdy has been diligently putting out albums for awhile (9 albums over 7 years) and in his own right has an established, personal, identifiable, soulful sound, but the Adams comparison for this particular album is too accurate to avoid. Despite the workman like production, Purdy has managed to fly under the radar—well, more accurately, my radar (since his music has been featured in a Kia commercial and Grey's Anatomy & Lost episodes)—but like Iron & Wine's sudden leap into mainstream popularity with the clean, crisp studio depth of The Shepherd's Dog, Take My Blanket has passionate song-writing, production, and fully developed sound that elevates it above his previous (also stellar) releases. This is easily one of those albums I could over-listen, but not grow sick of.

Massive props to Purdy for allowing fans to stream his catalog on his website.

Listen to: "San Jose" (An uplifting start that rolls smoothly with organ, piano and harmonica); "Sinkin' Low" (Very nice); "White Picket Fence" (Sauntering epic with a spike-driving rhythm); "Good Days" (Slow starting piano bit that builds and builds); "You should" (Upbeat Dylan-esque piece).


Brasilliant said...

I listened to him today and he passed the morning test with flying colors. That's a big hurdle in our house.

My first thought was that he sounds a lot like Adam Duritz. In fact I'm almost convinced that that they may have been separated at birth. Except Joe never met Mr. Jones and is kind of sad about that.

Nightrain said...

Oh good, I'm glad to hear that Purdy succeeded where Zooey Deschanel failed.

Joe seems sad about a number of things.

Additionally, I'm pretty sure you're not allowed to make a Counting Crows reference without reviewing their new album (Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings)... that's part of the rules... that I just made up.

What was your second thought?