May 2, 2008

Lil' Wayne - Da Drought 3 (2007)

Dirty. This album was released last year, but I want to talk about it now. I’m obsessed with Lil' Wayne. I think it’s starting to damage relationships I have with friends, family and co-workers. Example A: In one of my favorite tracks from Da Drought 3, "Put Some Keys On It", he raps, “Baby girl getting straight dick no cuddle”. That shit is funny ok. And as a result I’ve started saying “straight dick” to describe things that totally rule. The other day a co-worker congratulated me on a successful program, and I was thiiisss close to saying “I know, straight dick, right?” So inappropriate. Also, I think my roommate is sick of me talking about how I’m gonna put some keys on him. Apparently not everyone thinks being a drug mule is as cool as I do. If right now you’re thinking, well that sounds awesome – I want to get into Lil Wayne and be hard like Julia! – I highly suggest starting with Da Drought 3. It’s a mixtape, so you’ll recognize a lot of the background beats and it will be a very easy transition for you from purity to straight… ah almost did it again… ahem from pure to dirty. Lil' Wayne absolutely murders it over the Beyonce song (I know I know, but trust me), "Upgrade". “Even deaf bitches say hi to me/ She tell a blind bitch and she say I gotta see”. At this point in the review you’re probably either totally hyped or totally turned off. Or you stopped reading already.

Faves: Upgrade, Put Some Keys On It, I Can’t Feel My Face, and New Cash Money


Nightrain said...

Lil' Wayne is such a classy dude. Look at dem' stunna shades... classy, for serious.

Doctor Diggs said...

i love this review, i just picture you saying "i know, straight dick, right?" and i giggle, no, chuckle heartily. which makes my coworkers say "what the fuck are you laughing at?" they dont get it when i read the review. word.