April 25, 2008

Hot Chip @ The Fillmore

Hot Chip is so fun. Whenever I see them live I leave wishing they were my friends. We would hang out in someone’s living room, and play with keyboards and laptops all day… I would teach them some dance moves and they would let me play the tambourine on “Over and Over”. (Seriously guys, call me!) They played at the Fillmore last night and turned the place into a big ole dance party. Its not really necessary to actually see them to enjoy them, they aren’t going to blow your mind with a guitar solo or anything like that. But I like to be up close, so a friend and I made our way towards the front. Where we evidently angered people (who were probably jealous of our mind-blowing charisma and charming hip shakes) and some silly girl shoved my friend. My friend is 5 feet of pure adorableness, and I can’t fathom anyone wanting to do anything other than hug her. I’ve had a dangerous amount of makers mark at this point in the night. So I asked the girl if she had ever been punched in the face. She said no. I said, I will punch you in the face. And then her boyfriend pulled her away from me. Which is lucky for us both, I’ve never punched anyone in the face and I’m not sure I know how. That was the only bad part of the concert. That, and waking up this morning.


Nightrain said...

Yeah, this is pretty much awesome. Nice work J.Catato Concert Correspondent.

I want an image... any photo journalism?

Peter said...

Yeah did you notice the crowd was really negative at that show? I tried dancing and they were not having. WTF is up with that?