April 24, 2008

Sun Kil Moon - April (2008)

Dating back to the days of Red House Painters, Mark Kozelek’s projects have favored a simple musical formula: a voice & a guitar. Despite this depiction, Sun Kil Moon is not entirely a one-man show… there are other instruments and backing vocals. However, April mostly comports with the pleasantness of the minimalist approach, which is augmented by Kozelek’s calming voice and songwriting style. Patience in the development of each song (SKM is not shy about taking songs into, and above, the 9 minute range) induces a relaxing mood by allowing the music to linger without interruption. With a few exceptions, such as "Tonight The Sky," which has a fuller, plugged-in sound, the role of each instrument is delicate and secondary to the vocals and lyrics (See "Heron Blue"). For those unacquainted with Kozelek’s style, I would recommend Ghosts of the Great Highway (Sun Kil Moon's 1st album) over April; however, for those already appreciative of the relaxing intimacy of his music, April should be a welcome collection of mellow, reflective musical storytelling.

Relax to: "Tonight The Sky" for something plugged-in, and “Lucky Man” for the “a voice & a guitar” approach.


ancientindianwizard said...

nice! I'm excited to hear this one. I also heartily recommend the Sun Kil Moon "Tiny Cities" album where he plays modest mouse songs.. several of which I feel are better than the originals (and I'm a pretty big MM fan) as well as Mark Kozelek's "What's Next To The Moon" where he covers AC DC... all good stuff!

Nightrain said...

All very true, for serious.

I have "Tiny Cities" on regular rotation, and listen to Kozelek's "Rock n' Roll Singer" from time to time, but haven't indulged fully in "What's Next To The Moon."


ancientindianwizard said...

Picked it up today and am feeling it! Good looking out E!!

Nightrain said...

Any favorites?