January 19, 2016

QCM's "Best of 2015" Playlists

The past few years we have asked QuickCrit's annual survey takers to list their favorite songs from their favorite albums which has resulted in a "Best of the Best" playlist for the corresponding year. To spice things up, we have also been asking survey takers to submit a song or two that falls under some colorfully entitled category.

At long last, for your listening pleasure, below are the resultant Spotify playlists built from survey results and some editorial selections. The playlists should only cover music from albums released in 2015 and all are at least an hour long.

If you have any suggested additions to the playlists, please leave your recs in the comments section below. Happy listening!

"Damn Good Song" Playlist

"Summer Jammy Jam" Playlist

"Dancefloor Smash" Playlist


Marry said...

They are so beautiful songs. I like this type of rhythm. So sweet!