December 17, 2015

Paul’s Favorite Albums from 2015

Divers - Hello Hello
Both epic and earthy.

Kamasi Washington - The Epic
Los Angeles is the unlikely home to some of the most interesting and boundary pushing jazz today.

Ghost Towns - Trick of the Light
They put on the 2nd best performance I saw in Portland this year, at a house show. They put together guitar, drums, brass, violin and accordion in a way that is dynamic, rocks when it needs to, without ever becoming twee or cliche.

Stomping metal, shoegaze, NIN-style industrial torn apart and electronically recombined.

Promotmartyr - The Agent Intellect
The Future of the Left travels through the early 80s and ends up in the 2010s.

Windhand - Grief's Infernal Flower
At the vanguard of doom metal's new golden age.

High on Fire - Luminiferous
Charging and heavy, High on Fire fail to disappoint.

Algiers - Algiers
Heavy, soulful and immediate.

King Crimson - Live at the Orpheum
A new decade means a new Crimson that refuses to relent.


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