August 8, 2015

NightraiN's 2015 Summer Short List

So far, it has been a pretty solid year overall for albums and singles. I've been collecting my favorites here for you Spotify users, so you can catch up on a much deeper level if you like. For those of you with a quick attention span (our target audience), below are a few of my favorites as we pass the mid-point in 2015. Enjoy!

Life in Film - Here it Comes (2015)
I love this album -- It reminds me of the summer I spent working in bars in Santa Barbara immediately after finishing college attempting to force summer-jammy jam Brit Pop & Rock down every one's throats. The whole album just works and this track in particular makes you want to fiesta.

Bozgo - "This Kind of Love"
Gabe Lackner brings his unique touch to a collection of electro-lounge tracks that make you want to dance, chill, and workout... all at the same time. This track in particular captures the mystery and energy of a warm summer night where everything is possible and nothing is prohibited.

Summer Euro Jams
I spent two weeks touring the Europe earlier this summer and the common musical theme throughout was fun, upbeat, Euro electronic tracks. A solid pairing for days at the beach or nights at a loungy club. This isn't my favorite of those tracks, but it captures the mood and style pretty well.

Bop English - Constant Bop (2015)
I don't remember how or when I first started listening to this album, but 5 or 6 tracks off of the Constant Bop release are awesome and super catchy by any standard, including the one below...