July 26, 2015

Awmercy's Summer Short List

Divers & Nude Beach @ The Know
After missing Nude Beach a couple times, I finally caught the New York power popping crate diggers at the Know delivering a fantastically gritty set. Then the Divers won me over forever their passionate heartland punk. Haven’t stopped blasting their Hello Hello since.

Heat are crushing on Lou Reed just as hard as the Strokes did, and sharp enough to pull it off in style. Love the way they casually drop killer lines.

Not sure what it is exactly about their psychedelic surf, but each show slays and feels so of the moment and special. Whatever the combination of chops, chemistry, banter, or impending hiatus, they’re Portland’s must see band of summer 2015.

Big Quiet
Packed with summer jammy jams. It’s a near perfect indie pop album, recalling Sarah and K Records favorites.

Tamed West 
So excited about this EP. Love their reverb laden indie rock. Favorite PDX EP this year. Can't wait to see hear more.