June 26, 2013

NightraiN's Summer Shortlist

Cayucas - Cayucos
I have played this album -- without introducing it -- to both beer drinking river rafters and rosé drinking lawyers and the reception is the same: “This shit is good. Who is this?” Fire up your boombox, summer jammy jams are here. Time to branch out from Vampire Weekend.

Portugal. The Man - Evil Friends
No surprise here. However, the release of this album coincided with an excellent live show and just recently a performance I viewed via UStream of P.TM playing with ''Weird Al'' Yankovic. I gotta say, the mythos of this band just keeps getting more enhanced.

The Weeks - Dear Bo Jackson
An awesome title for an album filled with awesome tunes. The album title reminds me of how great ESPN’s "You Don't Know Bo" 30 for 30 was/is, but the tunes remind me how great early Kings of Leon was -- southern rock clashing with garage rock. A beautiful combination.

The National - Trouble Will Find Me
Shit... I couldn't help myself. I was going to leave this one off out of principal and then the fiancee said: "The National better be on your list." Abide.

Long-haired Garage Rock
Seems like there has been an uptick in good songwriting from the young, long-haired contingent. Mikal Cronin and Kurt Vile lead the pack in my mind, with others trailing right behind. Maybe I'm listening to more garage rock; maybe its just better this year... In somewhat related news, I can't wait until the new We Are Augustines comes out.


awmercy said...

The Cayucas definitely sound like summer.