December 11, 2012

Top 10 Favorite 2012 Portland Albums

It was another great year for local music, so singling out my top 10 Portland albums is a bit of a fools errand. Are these the best albums released this year? I don’t know. They are the ones I loved the most... I think.
  1. Weinland - Los Processaur
    Finally, an album that captures the energy of Weinland’s highly touted live show. No surprise, it’s fantastic. Don’t worry, it still has some quiet indie folk.
  2. Battleme - Battleme
    It wasn’t clear until Battleme absolutely blew me away live that I hadn't been playing them loud enough. Make no mistake, for all of the sonic details, this is a rock n’ roll record.
  3. Lost Lander - DRRT
    Glad Lost Lander came out of the woods to deliver their thoughtful and layered pop.
  4. Wooden Indian Burial Ground - Wooden Indian Burial Ground
    Wooden Indian Burial Ground make some of the most playful and exciting garage psych this side of Ty Segall.
  5. Brainstorm - Heat Waves
    Feels a little like cheating, since I’ve been jamming to a handful of these art-pop jams for years, but they all sound fresh and the new songs continue to showcase Brainstorm's wide-ranging influences. Dance, stomp, and bob along.
  6. Horse Feathers - Cynic’s New Year
    While still masters of mood and texture, this catches Horse Feathers at their most melodic and upbeat (ok, least depressed). For my money, their best record yet.
  7. Menomena - Moms
    Menomena expertly balance lyrically heavy themes with rousing and dynamic music.I keep coming back just to see what I missed.
  8. Kim Baxter - The Tale Of Me And You
    Fans of the All Girl Summer Fun Band rejoice. Kim Baxter is back with a new batch of buzzing indie pop.
  9. Miracle Falls - Debasement Tapes
    It may be hard to believe, but Miracle Falls actually lives up to its incredible pysch pop pedigree (Mercury Rev, Sparklehorse, Longwave).
  10. Y La Bamba - Court The Storm
    Warning: Y La Bamba's intricate and beautiful folk music may haunt your nights.


Nightrain said...

Holy balls... is this a new Quickcrit post?!?

awmercy said...

Ha! I know. It's been too long. Might be time to jump back on the horse.

Nightrain said...

New year, new music... let's do this.