March 24, 2012

Soft Swells - Soft Swells (2012)

March may be a little early for summer, but it is never to early for summer jammy jams. The summer sounds come early with the Soft Swells' self-titled release. The beachy-vibed indie rock is quite popular these days, and in some respects the Soft Swells could be considered California's response to Florida's Surfer Blood, with less reverb and more appealing vocals.  Overall the album amounts to a well-crafted collection of pop songs, with shimmering vocals and rhythmic drums. Such attributes shine through on "Every Little Thing" and "Shake it Off." While every song is quality, there isn't a dominent single (in my mind) that needs listening to over and over again. More likely, one can toss this on with a couple other breezy indie pop albums, such as the latest Tennis, Drums, or Young Friends and nod along, imaging bare feet in the sand, sun on the face, and an ass in a comfortable folding chair. The combination of Brooklyn and Los Angeles roots reeks of hipster, but the tunes transcend any niche, too-cool-for pop culture genre or stylization. The Soft Swells bring great music and good times.