April 7, 2011

Foster The People @ Mississippi Studios

Friday night's show at Mississippi Studios was just one of a sting of sold out concerts down the West Coast for Foster The People. An amazing feat, considering all they've released is one three song EP and a cool video. Granted they sound like MGMT and Passion Pit got together to hang out and party in LA. Judging by the cheers, singing along, and enthusiastic dancing, most people were here for "Pumped Up Kicks"and for good reason, it reels you in with a silky smooth chorus of laid-back cynicism, capturing the best of chill wave and then seals the deal with a little "Young Folks" whistling. "Houdini" and "Helena Beats" bring the dance party with big electronic beats and shimmering keyboards. And judging from the rest of the set, they still have a couple potential hits in the bag. I'm excited to hear their full album, Torches, when it comes out on May 24th.

Foster The People - Helena Beat (Live In Brisbane, Australia) from Foster The People on Vimeo.


Nightrain said...

Yeah. They are blowing up.

Is that a "girls only" concert?

Mona said...