March 3, 2011

Dolorean - The Unfazed (2011)

Dolorean's The Unfazed is so goddamn beautiful. It’s the kind of music that’s perfect for slow mornings or late nights or really anytime during these long gray winter months in Portland. Suffice to say, it’s been on heavy rotation lately. And with uncertainty looming at work, the strolling “The Unfazed” (mp3) has become my mantra. I find comfort in singer-songwriter Al James’ hush tones and numb perseverance to life's obstacles and opportunities: “Unfazed by pain, unfazed by love, unfazed by rain that won’t let up”. The album is rich with lush and gentle harmonies, like on two of my favorites: “Country Clutter” or “Thin Skinned.” But it hard choosing favorites when the songwriting is this good. It also is worth picking up the Anticipation Blues EP because two of the four songs are great and somehow not on the album.

Dolorean - The Unfazed (Live at OPB) from on Vimeo.


Nightrain said...

"they can't kick us out until half past two... we can dance all night if we fill up the juke"

awmercy said...

So many good lines.

The lyrics I quoted, although good, aren't even my favorite lyrics on the album, they were just the ones that supported my point.

Mona said...

QuickCrit, how could you! The show calendar has up that this DOLOREAN plays Slim's tonight in SF, when it's really the other DELOREAN. Just because y'all wish it was this one instead doesn't make it true ;)