January 19, 2011

Jonquil - One Hundred Suns (2010)

Tex says: A group of youngsters from Oxford, England, Jonquil have described themselves as "Paul Simon's take on the Smiths." They do indeed share Simon's lifting of Afro pop guitar lines (a la Vampire Weekend), and a good brit-pop sensibility of moping for the music's sake. Despite the moping, this band is playful, infectious, and talented. The group's US debut EP, One Hundred Suns has been a frequent guest in my headphones, and I'm calling Jonquil as a buzz band after their South By Southwest appearance this coming March. Just watch. In the meantime, check out the lilting "Fighting Smiles" (mp3).


awmercy said...

Man, I can't believe I haven't listened to them until now. Great find.

awmercy said...

Seriously, all Vampire Weekend fans need to hear this album.