November 16, 2010

Top 5 Black Keys Songs

This has been a good year for The Black Keys. Judging from how fast their shows sell out, it seems like they're finally being rewarded for consistently recording and performing bad ass blues and rock n' roll. Releasing their best album in years must have had something to do with it, since they always have been flat-out fantastic live. While they've easily released enough great songs to fill out a top 10, or even a top 25, I finally narrowed it down to my top 5.
  1. The Breaks (The Big Come Up)
    The song that made me a fan. Plus, the guitar struts and squawks like a chicken.

  2. Remember When (Side B) (Attack & Release)
    Side A is solid, but the destructive
    riffs set Side B apart.

  3. Tighten Up (Brothers)
    This hit off Brothers pulses with a yearning and soulful beat. It downright swings.

  4. 10 AM Automatic (Rubber Factory)
    A blistering rock n' roll single that dares you to stand still from the very first note.

  5. Hard Row (thickfreakness)
    His howl alone seals its spot at the top, but the buzzing and slashing guitar doesn't hurt.


Mona said...

Great list! Kinda surprised "Howlin' For You" didn't make the cut though.