September 21, 2010

J Roddy Waltson - "Don't Break The Needle" video

Man, J Roddy Walston and the Business rule. Although I love just about every song on their album, "Don't Break The Needle" is one of the best. Incidentally, the video was sponsored by Black Star Beer, a beer I remember fondly from college but thought had gone out of business years ago. I remember sitting on our front porch with my brother, cooking giant steaks, eating burn-your-mouth spicy garlic bread and making our way through a case. It may be time to revisit that nostalgia.

Anyway, JRW and the Business are coming back through Portland on October 21st when they open for Deer Tick at the Crystal Ballroom. You can bet I'll be there after missing their last show, when I couldn't believe a band was actually taking the stage at 8 PM. Judging from the clip, I can't let that happen again.


awmercy said...

I know that kind of reads like a beer commercial, but it is 100% true and the beer was one of those tiny details that made up that moment.

I am actually a little nervous to try the beer again at the risk of it disrupting the memory.