September 23, 2010

Portugal. The Man - "People Say" Video

A few weeks ago, I posted my top 5 favorite Portugal. The Man songs and was surprised when putting the list together that the band had never created a video for my favorite song "People Say'. Well, now, one album later, they finally have and it's more fucked up than I thought it'd be.

Portugal. The Man - People Say from Aquarium Drunkard on Vimeo.


Mona said...

Okay maybe I'm slightly delirious from being in my car too long, but this song came on my playlist and it's awesome. Why was I so slow to catch one? Too bad not all their songs sound like this. I'll take this one in the meantime though!

awmercy said...

Yeah, this was probably the song that first made me love them. Maybe it's like a gateway drug.

If you want a little more, stick to The Satanic Satanist. Maybe try "Do You" or "Work All Day" next. Pretty soon you'll find yourself jamming to the entire album.

Mona said...

Thanks due, it's high-time I give these guys another chance. I missed all their sxsw showcases :/

I've been diggin' Beady Eye as well as Cage The Elephant a lot on this trip. Thoughts on either? I'm off to Utah today and New Mexico this weekend and have no idea what's regionally appropriate music for a playlist. If you have any good recs, I'll take 'em!!!!