September 26, 2009

Cold Cave - Love Comes Close (2009)

I first started listening to Cold Cave on the recommendation of an Aquarius Records review, my buddy Wesley, and because the songwriter, Wes Eisold. Wes Eisold is a songwriter that i have idolized since high school. He was the front man of Some Girls, XO Skeletons, and one of my favorite all time bands, American Nightmare. I have always embraced his lyrics due to the turmoil, depression, and anger that shows through. I always found similarities between Eisold's lyrics, and Ian Curtis'. It was only fitting that Cold Cave would form, and be dripping with Joy Division influence. I love Cold Cave for the same reason I love Joy Division. They somehow put a suicide note over a catchy/gritty beat, and make people dance to the most depressing shit you've ever heard. I love it.

Cold Cave have also gotten me hooked on the pure search for their music. Their previous 7" releases and 12" EP are so fucking rare, that it feels as if you've found the holy grail when you actually find it in person. Its just awesome that after you play it, you realize it was worth the search. Cold Cave has released several 2-3 song Ep's on independent labels over the past year.

Love Comes Close is Cold Caves first full album, and it is great. There are a few songs on the album that remind me of some guy just "jerking off" on the keyboard, and recording it because it was so "out there". For the most part, the album is great, with three songs that are absolutely amazing. "Love Comes Close", "Life Magazine" and "I.C.D.K" are my favorites. As I already stated about their Edsel & Ruby ep in a previous review, they have a great endearing quality that seems so homemade. Its obvious that the music is a labor of love that oozes emotion. You can hear it in his voice, his music, and the layout of the albums. Everything is very DIY, and it is great.

I saw Cold Cave perform at The Knockout in San Francisco a few weeks ago, and they blew me away. I have a serious problem with people that talk to much during their set about stupid bullshit. Cold Cave walked on stage, said "hi, we're cold cave", played 7 songs, then said "Thanks", and walked off stage. No encore. So good.

The album is a definite need to get for fans of Joy Division, New Order, and The Cure. Give my favorite song on the album a listen, and get hooked.