April 8, 2010

Saturday's Tough Decisions

There are always plenty of good shows in Portland. Sometimes there are too many. That's the case this Saturday. Any of these would be great.

A Weather @ The Woods
One of Portland's most beautiful acoustic folk bands in a town with many. Not sure I'll be in the mood, but that doesn't mean I don't love them.

Ruby Suns @ Mississippi Studios
Loved their last album of afro pop, still getting into the new one.

Beach House @ Doug Fir
The biggest band on the list. Saw them live last year, before they released the album that turned me into a fan.

Hockey @ Wonder Ballroom
One of my favorite Portland bands. Each show seems more packed and ready to dance.

Moneybrother @ East End
Too bad these guys aren't playing with Hockey. They take soulful vocals in a different direction, closer to Joe Strummer than Rod Stewart.


Nightrain said...

That's insane!

awmercy said...

If I hadn't seen Hockey already this year I'd be there in a second.

As it is, I won ticket to see the Ruby Suns, which I've never seen. Afterwards I might swing by the East End to see if they are running late. Who knows, it might be a double feature. Although that is a bit of a long shot.