February 5, 2010

Slabtown Bender 2010 Lineup

Since I didn't know most of the lineup for this year's Bender, I had to hit up MySpace to help plan my weekend. I've included the band's rough genre, based on the few songs I heard, and their hometown, which was necessary for some of the most Google-unfriendly bands. After listening my way through the list I'm pretty amped and I know I'm going to have to bring plenty of extra cash for albums.

Friday 2/5 (Doors at 5, show at 6)
Howie and the Hotknives (Portland) garage rock
Idle Times (Seattle) psychedelic rock/garage rock
Blank-its (Seattle) punk rock
The Bugs (Portland) punk rock
Bipolaroid (New Orleans) psychedelic rock
The Girls (Seattle) post punk/synth rock
Ty Segall (San Francisco) garage rock/lo-fi
Coconut Coolouts (Seattle) garage rock
Bare Wires (Oakland) 70's punk rock/power pop
Head (Seattle) pop punk

Saturday 2/6 Matinee (Doors at Noon, show at 2)
East Wenatchee Iowa/Cougar? (Portland) indie punk/lo-fi
Foxgloves (Portland) boy-girl indie pop/power pop
Junior’s Gang (Portland)
Old Growth (Portland) punk rock/hard rock

Saturday 2/6 (Doors at 5, show at 6)
Thee Headliners (Portland) garage blues
Sons of Bitches (Portland) country punk
The Sandwitches (San Francisco) female-fronted garage pop/indie
Shannon and the Clams - (Oakland) female-fronted punk
Lord Von Raven (Oakland) glam/garage rock
Greg Ashley (Oakland) psychedelic folk
King Louie and the Missing Monuments (New Orleans) garage rock
Cheap Flight (Portland) Steve Turner of Mudhoney's brand new band
The Teutonics (Germany) retro garage rock

Sunday 2/7 Matinee (Doors at Noon, show at 2)
Denizenz (Portland) punk rock
Timecopz (Vancouver, BC) punk rock
Burning Yellows (Portland) indie pop/lo-fi
Nectarine Pie (Oakland) psychedelic rock/garage rock

Sunday 2/7 (Doors at 5, show at 6)
TherapistS (Portland) punk
Indian Wars (Vancouver, BC) garage rock
Manic Attracts (Vancouver, BC) punk rock/lo-fi
Dirty Cupcakes (San Francisco) female-fronted punk rock
Pity Fucks (Portland) garage rock/punk rock
Dead Ghosts (Vancouver, BC) garage rock
The Leaders (Portland) psychedelic rock
Pure Country Gold (Portland) garage blues
The Mean Jeans (Portland) Ramones-style punk rock
Spider Babies (Portland) punk rock
Pierced Arrows (Portland) hard rock/garage rock


Nightrain said...

Bay Area reppin' pretty hard.

awmercy said...

Definitely. A solid 21% of the bands.

awmercy said...

I find it interesting that two bands from New Orleans are playing. Personally, although Bender will be awesome, I'd rather be partying down there this weekend.

Nightrain said...

Yeah. Seriously. How could you want to miss that party? The band could be playing sold out shows everyday, all week.

awmercy said...

Wearing down...