February 15, 2010

Reigning Sound - Love And Curses (2009)

I must confess to loving just about everything Greg Cartwright has been involved in; Reigning Sound's amalgam of country, soul, garage rock grit just feels like home to me. Each album takes a slightly different spin on that perfect formula. This time, rather than packing the sonic gut punch of Too Much Guitar, Love And Curses is more a slow burn, making it's impact a little less immediate. As a result, the songs take longer to sink in and reveal their greatness. However, the shredded vocals and thumping drums of "If I Can't Come Back" and the uh huhs and oh yeahs shouted over a bouncing organ on "Stick Up For Me" rival the urgency of any of my previous favorites. Over all, it's a solid album of rough and tumble relationships delivered by Cartwright's sandpaper rasp and alternately ringing and chugging guitar. So good.


Nightrain said...

The two songs posted are awesome.

awmercy said...

Agreed. Of course, it's hard to go wrong with Reigning Sound.

Greg Cartwright sounds like he has an awesome record collection. I wish he would DJ my life.