February 26, 2010

Friday's Tough Decisions

I'm finally back in Portland for a couple days in a row and am itching to see some live music. While it would be great to be in San Francisco for Noise Pop, there are still a lot of great shows going on here tonight. My top three shows are:
  1. Thee Headliners @ World Famous Kenton Club
    Dropped to #3 only because I just saw them at Slabtown and will definitely catch them next month.

  2. Harlem @ Dantes
    I'm digging the garage pop of Harlem's new album, Hippies.

  3. Free Energy & Foreign Born @ Mississippi Studios
    I've been amped to hear Free Energy's good-timing rock n' roll debut since I first heard their song of the same name. Plus, the Foreign Born's Person To Person seems like it will be great live.


Nightrain said...

...and it's a lot of the same bands. SO, you decided on Harlem then?

Should be fun. They played a sold out show for Noise Pop last night.

awmercy said...

Yeah, it's almost better to live near a festival. There's a better chance of catching more of your favorites if they pass through, instead of being crammed into a day or two.

I'm heading to Mississippi Studios to see Free Energy and Foreign Born and hoping Harlem decides to come back soon.