February 26, 2010

Annuals - Sweet Sister EP (2010)

The Annuals' Sweet Sister sounds like the band playing around with electronic beats and fringe instruments. The bouncing "Loxtep" (mp3) incorporates a boing sound that could be a released spring or an African mbira, while "Turncloaking" has something that sounds like those cylinders that you turn upside down to make an animal noise. For all I know they both could be a keyboard. But the songs never suffer for the experimentation, rather they shift and shimmy with polyrhythms and breakbeats while kids cheer. The soothing "Holler And Howl" features electronic squiggles over a New Orleans shuffle. The EP is rounded out by a cover of Johnny Cash's "Flesh And Blood" that retains the sweeping country strings but with more upbeat vocals. Overall, it's a short, cohesive blast of fun indie pop. Sweet.