February 25, 2010

Blind Pilot - iTunes Sessions EP (2009)

As Portland's biggest acoustic export these days, it makes sense for Blind Pilot to release a live EP with their now expanded their lineup to tide fans over until their next studio full length. Three of the five tracks off the EP are quietly beautiful stripped-down versions of well-loved songs from 3 Rounds And A Sound. However, after having listened to the album pretty heavily for the last two years, the two new recordings are the real treat. "Look At Miss Ohio" is a loping Gillian Welch cover that they fill out and make their own, while "Get It Out" is brand new song that builds into a pleasantly catchy chorus. Overall, it's a solid EP for fans. However, after seeing them perform a fantastic version of MGMT's "Kids" at the Crystal Ballroom I wish they included a version of that too.

The video of "Kids" is cut off and doesn't really capture rich acoustic sound of the performance, but it'll give you an idea of what you missed.