January 28, 2010

Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings - 100 Days, 100 Nights (2007)

I believe at this point everyone is well aware of my affinity for R&B, Soul, and the Blues. Well, Sharon Jones is my new fav. This whole album is ridiculous, I fell in love right away. She has an incredible voice filled with passion and gut wrenching moans for days, the timing is sublime and on time, like the weather channel people, and cool as a polar bear's nose bro. There isn't one bad song on the album, favorite's are "Nobody's Baby", "100 Days 100 Nights", "Tell Me", "Let Them Knock", and "Something Changed". I first heard Ms. Jones due to Mercy's review of sweet bands and one liners, but was reminded when I was updating my Sam Cooke collection. I feel like maybe Sharon was in the original Blues Brother Movie, and was somehow lost in the editors room. I am thinking that her and Jake shared a scene in prison, you know in the beginning, where she is a guard*, and she breaks out into the song "When the Other Foot Drops, Uncle" after finding out that Jake cheated her in a game of pinochle for smokes. Anyway, class and style for miles, if you're a fan of old school rock, R&B, or Soul check it out, you won't be disappointed, I promise.

*Wouldn't be acting for Sharon as she actually worked as a prison guard at Riker's while recording, no shit.


awmercy said...

As good as her albums are, she is way better live. She struts and shimmies across the stage – dress tassels flying – with almost manic energy. It’s almost as if James Brown had been reincarnated as a middle-aged woman.

Bottom line: you need to see her.

sandenuts said...

Wow, yeah I have to see her, that sounds amazing.

awmercy said...

You have pretty rad timing for this review. Daptone Records just sent me a link to a new song off Sharon Jones' upcoming album, I Learned The Hard Way.