January 28, 2010

Los Hot Boxers - Uno (2009)

Los Hot Boxers are a San Jose ska band that I checked out randomly at my local venue and was thoroughly impressed. I bought their EP and have been playing it a ton. They have a very similar sound to Santa Cruz's own The Expendables, another band I like a lot, but these guys have a more jazzy feel with Latin undertones. At the show I felt like they are the kind of background music played at a party you had no intention of attending, and ended up meeting a bunch of stand up folks and having a blast. To put it more in real life context, say you had hard week at work, and all you want to do is drink a stiff one and watch the game, but you feel guilty cause you told your coworker you would show to his party, and you go begrudgingly, and it ends up being the highlight of your month.

My favorite jams are "Hold You Close" and "How's It Gonna Be". The only thing that disappoints me is that I am only finding out about them now, during the winter and rain, and they are a total summertime BBQs, beer pong, and Tecate 30 packs type of groove. The singer has some awesome lyrics that I personally can identify with, like when he talks about hesitant phone calls and their negative repercussions in "How's it Gonna Be". Solid band, and a solid find, definitely would recommend picking up the album and seeing them live.


Nightrain said...

Sweet San Francisco video.

sandenuts said...

They are coming to the Blank Club near my house with the Slackers in April. Let me know if you want to go, should be sweet. The Buzzcocks are coming there too on the 19th, $30 buck though, your thoughts? And are the Thermals worth seeing?