October 8, 2009

Surf City - "Dickshakers Union" Video

Ok, I know Surf City's EP came out ages ago, but they are finally coming stateside for CMJ and with bands like the Drums and Girls creating similarly lo-fi yet cheery shoegaze pop maybe they'll catch on. But more importantly, maybe they will tour through Portland. Hey, the flight is shorter from the West Coast and fellow New Zealander's the Mint Chicks have made a home here.


Nightrain said...

I am in the process of deciphering this description: "lo-fi yet cheery shoegaze pop"... do help.

awmercy said...

Ha ha. Yes, deconstructing my compacted descriptions can be difficult at times.

In short, here's how it breaks down:

lo-fi - fuzzy production
cheery - upbeat tone, if not lyrics
shoegaze - waves of distortion
pop - catchy

Does that help?

Nightrain said...

Thanks! Very helpful.