November 28, 2008

Surf City - Surf CIty EP (2008)

"Headin' Inside" kicks things off with ringing surf guitars, and boisterous party vocals. It's a short burst of melodic energy that announces this short 6 song EP is going to be awesome. The guitars sound like the Velvet Underground covering surf classics with a light haze distortion, which is another way to say it is indebted to shoegaze. However, the tone is really different – these guys have a lot more energy and don't ever come across as morose. This is music for a good time. On "Heading Inside" and "Dickshakers Union" the vocals have similar clipped phrasing to Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. The beat coupled with the vocal repetition in "Canned Food" reminds me of a bit of New Order. Throughout the EP lyrics are shouted over building chord progressions, chimes ring, and drum beats keep the pace poppy and fun. Seriously, I love every song.


Nightrain said...

This is a pretty sweet album... and very unique.

awmercy said...

See, even pitchfork likes them.