October 12, 2009

Scion Garage Rock Festival

I just picked up my wristband for the Scion Garage Rock Festival and I am getting excited. The venues are all pretty close together so jumping from one to the other is going to depend more on how crowded it is and less on the time it takes to get there. As the day goes on I'll probably just ending up hanging out at Dantes's at the cost of missing some likely killer sets by bands I've been loving pretty hard lately. Then again, I just saw Jay Reatard and Jack-O will be back in Portland a month later with Lucero, so... Suffice to say it is going to be awesome endurance regardless of which bands I see.

Here's my optimal line up:
3:00 The Dirtbombs (Berbati's Pan)
3:45 Almighty Defenders (Dante's)
4:30 Brimstone Howl (Someday)
5:00 Intelligence (Berbati's Pan)
6:00 Thomas Function (Dante's)
6:45 Cheap Time (Someday)/Davila 666 (Sayricon)
7:30 Fresh & Onlys (Someday)/Mannequin Men (Satyricon)/Strange Boys (Dante's)
8:15 Mojomatics (Dantes)/Lover! (Satyricon)
9:15 Jay Reatard (Dante's)/Goodnight Loving (Satyricon)
10:15 Jack-O & The Tearjerkers (Dante's)/Demon Claws (Satyricon)
11:30 King Khan & BBQ (Dante's)


Mona said...

Oh wow. I hear The Dirtbombs are killer live. Hope they live up to expectations.

Hey, is "Someday" a new venue? I don't recall seeing that. Or "Satyricon" either.. hmm.

awmercy said...

They are smaller venues. Someday Lounge has a lot of random events and DJ nights. Satyricon books a lot of hard rock and punk. Neither books that many indie bands as far as I can tell.