July 16, 2009

Stellastarr* - Civilized (2009)

She says: Years back, Stellarstarr*’s first self-titled album quickly became a music staple in my DC apartment. I remember singing loudly in the shower and prancing wildly before going out. However, their second album was overall a huge disappointment for me and I lost interest fast. Maybe I was expecting too much and none of the songs got stuck in my head except for "Lost in Time" (what a fantastic song). To my delight, Civilized echos the Stellastarr* with it's dramatic vocals and it's catchy tracks! Definitely worth a listen or about 50. Right now, I am diggin' “Grafitti Eyes,” “Freak Out,” "Prom Zombie," "Tokyo Sky," and "Underneath the Knife."
Do as I say, and see them live.


awmercy said...

I can't wait to see them when they come to Portland.

No promises, but fuzzy concert calls may be resurrected.

awmercy said...

Dudes, check out this band, Sunshine. I think they sound a lot like Stellastarr*. But they're Czech, so I am not sure they'll be touring through your town anytime soon.

Mona said...

Love the new tag: "he said she said" Right on!